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Express Loo

Product Description:

Highly Alkaline & Caustic Degreasers

Express Loo is a BURST OF FRESHNESS fragranced, odour controlling, powdered biocide, for use in portable toilets, which controls pathogens and is biodegradable after use.

Portable Toilets


Add 1x 30 g dissolving sachet per 20 L water. Clean and recharge toilet as required. Recharging is dependent on traffic flow and surrounding temperatures. Do not allow to stand longer than 7 days.

Store away from food stuffs and children.


Keep dry and out of direct sunlight.


Product is toxic if ingested.

Available in:

This product is available in the below standard packaging formats. For White Labeling or custom packaging requirements please make contact with our product manager to discuss your needs.

30 g sachet

E&OE Expected. Information correct at the time of publishing. We advise all users to always check compatibility of the product for your intended use. Our staff are also available to discuss your particular requirements.