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High Alkaline & Caustic Degreasers

High Alkaline Cleaners 1

TIP: Our products can be viewed within chemical groups, industry groups and Glenchem’s Proprietary products. To view these groups click the “View by Range” button.

High Alkaline Degreasers for heavy duty Cleaning

Cut 2

Cut 2 is a concentrated, high alkaline caustic based (Caustic < 60 %), non foaming, liquid degreaser designed for CIP applications.

Cut CL 40 A

Cut CL 40 A is a high alkaline, non foaming, liquid degreaser ideally suited for CIP applications (pipeline cleaning).


Drain P is a heavy duty, high alkaline, powdered drain cleaner, containing aluminium activators that react with water.

Express Loo

Express Loo is a BURST OF FRESHNESS fragranced, odour controlling, powdered biocide, for use in portable toilets, which controls pathogens and is biodegradable after use.

Floor P

Floor P is a heavy duty, high alkaline, low foaming, powdered, floor cleaner, designed for industrial plants.

Oven Super

Oven super is a concentrated foaming, liquid degreaser for automatic cleaning of CIP systems, ovens, grillers and heavilysoiledareas.

Super Vuma

Super Vuma is a heavy duty, high alkaline, Caustic & Cresol blend.

Vuma 2

Vuma 2 is a heavy duty, high alkaline, foaming, liquid, primarily designed to clean smoke houses and other heavily soiled surfaces via automatic application.

Our product range is divided into easily identifiable groups denoted by a unique colour. These groups are:


– PINK –

Low Alkaline Cleaners


High Alkaline & Caustic Degreasers


Anti-microbial Cleaners


Disinfectants (Sanitisers)

– BLUE –

Acidic Compounds & Descalers

– RED –