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Farmer’s Pride

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TIP: Our products can be viewed within chemical groups, industry groups and Glenchem’s Proprietary products. To view these groups click the “View by Range” button.

Detergent-Disinfectants for Home, Industrial and General Use

Air San

Effectively neutralises odours and provides long term odour control.


Chlor F

Chlor F is a foaming, 14% Sodium Hypochlorite, Type 1 Liquid detergent – disinfectant for cleaning of food contact surfaces,

Chlor NF

Chlor NF is a non-foaming, 20 % Sodium hypochlorite, Type 1, Liquid, detergent – disinfectant used for cleaning of automatic CIP systems and general use.

Hand NP

Hand NP is a foaming, broad spectrum, non-perfumed, Glutaraldehyde (< 0.2 %) based, anti-microbial, type 1, liquid hand soap for general use.

Hand P

Hand P is a broad spectrum, apple perfumed, anti – microbial, type 1, liquid, hand soap for general use.

Hand Potpourri

Hand Potpourri is a broad spectrum, POTPOURRI fragranced, anti – microbial, type 1, liquid, hand soap for general use.

Hand T

Hand T is a broad spectrum, pink, anti-microbial neutral liquid hand soap with tea tree oil. It combines excellent microbial killing with residual properties.


Showergel is a broad spectrum, apple perfumed, anti-microbial, liquid, bathing and showering liquid containing added softening agents.


Sterilene is a pine fragranced, Glutaraldehyde, QAC blended, liquid detergent – disinfectant with a 7% total active purity.

Our product range is divided into easily identifiable groups denoted by a unique colour. These groups are:


– PINK –

Low Alkaline Cleaners


High Alkaline & Caustic Degreasers


Anti-microbial Cleaners


Disinfectants (Sanitisers)

– BLUE –

Acidic Compounds & Descalers

– RED –