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Anti-CoVid-19 / Corona

CoVid-19 Range 1

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Disinfectants for personal (NOT internal) and surface areas.

Hand San™

Hand San is a non-foaming, 37% combined Chlorhexidine, Propylalcohol blend. Hand San is a non fragranced, type 2 liquid hand antiseptic, containing less than 5% Chlorhexidine gluconate.

San A™

San A is an alcohol based broad spectrum type 1, liquid disinfectant with a 59.5% active purity, for use as hand disinfectant, equipment disinfection, and disinfection of hard surfaces.

San G

San G is a broad spectrum, type1 liquid, Glutaraldehyde, multichain QAC blended disinfectant with an 8% total actual purity.

Sani Gel™

Sani Gel is an ethanol based broad spectrum type 1, liquid hand disinfectant with a 34% active purity for use in thefoodindustry.

San Quat

San Quat is a Type 1, multi-chain QAC – based liquid, disinfectant with an 11% total active purity.

The dangers of disinfection-tunnels to humans and animals.

An alarming trand has unfortunately gained ground by companies seeking to profit off of the Corona pandemic. The wholesale pitch is that your organisation, school or event requires a disinfection tunnel to ensure all traces of CoVid-19 are eliminated.

Not only is this completely inaccurate, it’s dangerous to humans and animals. While certain forms of disinfection tunnels and dip pools are usefull and even benificial, they DO NOT apply to this form of disease prevention. Cattle being dipped against ticks and fleas is a completely different form of combat versus the fight against the spread of the Corona virus.

Our product range is divided into easily identifiable groups denoted by a unique colour. These groups are:


– PINK –

Low Alkaline Cleaners


High Alkaline & Caustic Degreasers


Anti-microbial Cleaners


Disinfectants (Sanitisers)

– BLUE –

Acidic Compounds & Descalers

– RED –