We Cater For

Toll Manufacturing / Distributorships / Agent Opportunities.
Cash and Collect at our Spartan Warehouse

Services We Offer

Toll manufacturing with own identity products, inclusive of technical assistance and Documentation.
Tailor made cleaning programs.
  • Product Selection Guide
  • First Aid Guides (quick reference)
  • 16 Point Safety Data Sheet (SDS) in accordance with ISO 11014 standard
  • Technical Data Sheets
Microbial Evaluations done for plant hygiene.
Staff training on personal hygiene and cleaning programs.
Research and development of new innovative products as per customer requirements.

Sectors we Serve

Agricultural: Contact Immuno-Vet Services for further information.
Waste Control for informal settlements, construction sites, mining, pit toilets, schools, french drains, agriculture and other infrastructures.
Industrial Cleaning, Contract Cleaning
Food Industry - Processing plants, Butcheries
Mining Industry